Meet our Team

The IIFF is a volunteer run initiative. Driven by the belief that Iraqi films need to be celebrated globally, our team works to bring stories from Iraqis to the world. This is who they are.

Shahnaz Dulaimy

Shahnaz Dulaimy is a feature film editor. She began her editing career by working on multi-award winning productions including the Oscar nominated film ‘Theeb’ by Naji Abu Nowar, and Annemarie Jacir’s ‘When I Saw You’.

In 2014, Shahnaz became the first Avid Certified Editor in the Middle East. She soon joined the industry leading production company Image Nation Abu Dhabi to edit ‘Zinzana’, which was met with great critical acclaim. Since then, Shahnaz has edited several films that have gained recognition at major international film festivals including Cannes, Berlin, London and Toronto among many others. Most recently, she had been working between Abu Dhabi and Paris to complete Shahad Ameen’s ‘Scales’. The film went on to win the Verona Prize for Most Innovative Film at Venice Film Festival.

Israa Al-Kamali

Israa Al-Kamali is an Iraqi writer, poet and film enthusiast.

Her writing explores themes of identity, exile, trauma, and deconstructing language. Israa has also worked extensively in content development, social media, and public relations. Israa is currently pursuing further studies in filmmaking.

Ahmed Habib

Hailing from Baghdad, Ahmed is a word smith that uses his big mouth to create dynamic, inclusive community initiatives that uplift others and create safe spaces for people to come share their stories in creative, beautiful ways.

Since 2001, Ahmed has been part of the shakomakonet team, a digital platform dedicated to Everything Iraqi. When not working, Ahmed is either watching football, listening to obscure music from the 80s, working on a book that he will never write or on the look out for the world’s best fried eggplant sandwich.

Róisín Tapponi

Róisín Tapponi is an Irish-Iraqi writer, editor, curator and archivist.

In 2018, she founded Habibi Collective, a digital archive and curatorial platform for MENA women’s filmmaking. She is also founder and editor-in-chief of ART WORK, a new biannual critical art magazine for marginalised writers, artists and practices. She currently works at The Mosaic Rooms, a gallery in London dedicated to contemporary Arab art.